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In terms of organizations, this becomes all the more important because employees drive productivity and revenues. For employees to be able to do their best, they need to be given access to all the tools, techniques and information that will help them drive themselves to the optimum. The more employees know about their customers, products, and needs of the market, the higher are the chances of organizations becoming successful.

Every organization has vast information about their customers, products, experiences, and services. For example, the sales team might have some brilliant insights that the marketing team can use in their communication. Or the operations team might have come up with analytics that can help leaders make critical decisions for the business. But such information is usually scattered, lying in different confusing formats across the organization. Businesses also have poor mechanisms set in place to collect and share the information they might have. This means a lot of information floating in the air with no one having an organized access to it. Or worse, people not even knowing it exists!

Just imagine the advantage of having a single and centralized place that brings together all kinds of information from various individuals and teams. A place where information is stored in an organized manner, and one which can be accessed by anyone in the company looking for any specific information.

At Rapl, we have developed a library feature that acts as a business support platform. Online learners are always looking for ways to enhance and expand their knowledge in a way that does not interfere with their busy schedules. This library serves as a knowledge base where businesses can upload their own specific content for their workforce to browse through. Either they are bite-sized videos, PDF’s, SOP’s infographics, process flow charts, or product documents – all of this can be uploaded to inform and engage their staff whenever the need arises. Our microlearning library helps keep things organized, easy to find and categorized.

This is how our library is helpful:

  1. It puts together all the information in one place

There are countless documents, videos, presentations, infographics etc. that get created on a regular basis in each organization. The sad part is that one individual or team puts in a lot of effort in creating these, only to find the rest of the people not even know that it exists. Our library allows all kinds of information to be uploaded into it as and when they get created. The presence of tags and meta tags allows for its visibility whenever someone looks for it in the search section.

  1. It keeps the content relevant and updated

Businesses and markets are extremely dynamic. New trends come in every day which is crucial for staff to know of. Keeping up with these latest developments can serve as a competitive advantage to businesses. The knowledge being updated in our library ensures this by allowing stakeholders to upload latest learnings onto the system for everyone to see.

  1. It keeps content uniform across the organization

It can be frustrating for clients or customers at a retail store to hear different versions of the same product or service your staff is trying to sell them. It is important to ensure that your employees communicate the same information about a product or service to prospective customers. Different communication is not only confusing but can also damage your brand reputation. With a unified content library, you as a business can ensure that your employees are using the same reference for their pitches. This will spill over to higher advantages for organizations.

  1. It makes employees smarter and efficient

In order to do their jobs effectively, your staff needs to have a great deal of passion and confidence in their skills. This is possible when they enjoy doing what they do as well as well as the knowledge they possess. The more the knowledge and passion they have, the more willing they will be to solve customer problems. The content in the library can act as a medium for your employees to get just in time information at the time of need. It is a form of training that is convenient for your staff and actually helpful.

RapL is an intelligent microlearning tool with an advanced Library feature where organizations can organize their vast content pool in a streamlined manner with relevant tags and thus, making life easier for their employees. Get in touch with us today to know more how we can help you relay knowledge to your workforce.

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