This New Learning Philosophy Gets A Distributed Workforce On The Same Page With Respect To Quality Standards


An international cosmetic brand that offers an exclusive line of high quality makeup and skincare products. The company has over 1600 employees and $37.5 million in revenue in India. Their products are available in over 140 cities and 1500 cosmetic stores across the country.

With such a wide presence across the nation, it was impossible to get all their frontline workers trained together. In addition, there was no visibility into the knowledge levels of the frontline workers. Ensuring high standards are delivered to the customer irrespective of the outlet required consistent training, and building the capabilities and skill sets of all individuals simultaneously.

RapL ensured that distance was no longer a hindrance. Every retail outlet of our customer was trained to deliver exceptional quality of customer experience. 


Being a front line beauty associate is a demanding role

Beauty associates are a customer’s first point of contact with the brand. They need to come across as knowledgeable and have superior customer service skills.

It requires knowledge of a wide range of products, evolving beauty trends, and techniques. It requires the best use of soft skills, up-selling, and cross selling. Soft skills include qualities that help employees interact with others and succeed in the workplace. The business problems that resulted from dynamic working conditions could have slowed the growth curve.


Challenge one

Late distribution of emerging trends among store associates.


Challenge two

The dynamic nature of business meant shifting goalposts for the learning team

Challenge three

Cost and time to deliver training across dispersed store associates.

Challenge four

Low visibility into the skill index of each store associate


RapL’s personalized microlearning modules enabled associates to learn everyday. It helps them battle the curve of forgetting at an individual level.

Managers have visibility into the learning journey of the associates. It gives managers an understanding of the knowledge gaps present in detail. They could track the learning curve and improvement levels in the knowledge gap. Also, focus their attention on the modules that need more attention compared to the others.




Retail scenarios mastered.



App usage maintained



Topics launched



Plus hours of time


Enhanced efficiency with minimized time and resources


 Traditional classroom training was a tedious task. The progress of each employee was manually monitored and tracked. On top of that, the time spent on this method was approximately 25-30 days on average.” 


Chief Operations Officer | Beauty and Personal Care Industry


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