The Art of Customer Service

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An eCommerce brand that provides customers with beauty and skincare products within every budget. It was crucial to teach employees how to handle grievances to ensure exceptional customer support. RapL helped its employees master the art of customer service through scenario-based learning. This helped them in their jobs.


Customer service and support is an important part of any business that cannot be ignored. SOPs and policies are essential to perform your job. But, it is not the first thing employees remember. They often find themselves in a situation where they are not sure what use case would be best for the need. Communication skills, whether verbal or written, is yet another aspect of customer support. This too needs attention to handle customer grievances effectively and efficiently.

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RapL’s repetitive learning model made it easy for employees to perform their jobs much more efficiently. All they had to do was spend 3-5 mins a day, which led to continued improvement daily. This grew across a period of time, resulting in substantial improvement in mastering topics and filling in the knowledge gaps.

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Since going onboard with RAPL, we have been able to push content regularly to our agents and managers. This has enabled us to provide and rest real-time updates. The scores from RAPL are also aligned with agent incentives. We now hope to move to the next phase in L&D with RAPL as a dedicated partner!


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