RapL features

RapL makes training effective and engaging for your workforce to improve your bottom line.

RapL empowers every employee to be their best with a unique set of platform features:


Learning is specific and adaptable to each employee.


Adapted to each individuals’ knowledge level, learning speed and convenience.

Allows individuals to skip aspects they already know and focus on their weak areas instead


Spaced repetition increases knowledge retention.

Repetitive reinforcement of key concepts based on individual knowledge gaps to enhance knowledge retention

Real mastery of topics compared to ineffective one-time learning & assessment methods.


A comprehensive analytics dashboard which illustrates employee usage and knowledge gaps.


Deliver bite-sized learning nuggets that are easy to consume


Unique, scenario-based quizzes to create motivation to study regularly

Flipped learning model to help individuals realise what they don’t know or have forgotten – and then fill their gaps in knowledge.


Gamified learning with leaderboards and badges that encourages enjoyment and competition.


Group leaderboards to encourage team competition and hold line managers accountable for their teams progress and learning

Gamification that is independent of content, designed to encourage prompt and continuous learning.


Hierarchy-based monitoring by region and ready for local language deployment.

Designed as an enterprise class application for global scale, security, reliability and performance.


Field-tested in 70+ countries and 23 languages.


Our features are offered as

Microlearning Tool

Gamified and personalized learning scalable for global use. Get started in minutes, across mobile and desktop.


Choose from thousands of ready-to-use scenarios. We can also help you create what you need from scratch.

Ongoing Execution

Work with our customer success team who can help guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible.

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