Micro-Credentials For Impeccable Business Process Execution

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Starting October 2022, RapL learners can wear all the micro-credentials they have mastered on their digital sleeves.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of RapL Certificates. They serve as digital proof of mastery across topics that an organization considers critical for its success.

RapL Certificates: Future-Proofing Your Process Excellence

Our customers love RapL for many reasons. If we follow a lodestar for our existence, it helps businesses achieve excellence. This is a way for our customers to future-proof their business processes.

What does future-proofing mean for a business?

  • It ensures that the processes of today are scalable for tomorrow. Consistent process execution leads to consistent customer experiences, and any departure from the process norm is harmful to a business’ goodwill.
  • Ensure that people and processes are meshed together. Process consistency warrants that all process stakeholders have the exact same information, guidelines, and compliances required to meet process excellence.

When RapL learners demonstrate mastery of the nuts and bolts in a process (served as RapL Topics), they are eligible to receive RapL Certificates. What are RapL certificates? RapL has introduced certification for users who demonstrate topic mastery. The certificates provide a digital proof of mastery when users complete their learning of specific topics. Leaders can quickly check all certificates before learners become stakeholders in a business process.

How do RapL Certificates Work?

Users earn certificates on mastering a topic or learning path. The following is the scope of using RapL certificates in this phase of the launch. Like most feature releases, additional enhancements would be rolled out to Certificates in the future.

1. Module Compatibility: RapL Certificates will be compatible with RapL Quizzes and RapL Learning Paths, in this phase. Certificates will be compatible with all other content modules in subsequent releases.

2. Templatization: RapL Certificates follow a template that enables a business to customize the certificates. Each template contains input fields that serve as ingredients to compile a certificate draft.

These input fields are

  • Certificate Name
  • Full Name – STYLE (size, alignment) (to whom the certificate is going to be issued)
  • Certificate Number (system generated unique (random) number)
  • Issued Date – STYLE (format, alignment) (when the certificate is issued)

Here’s a look at a sample RapL Certificate. It shows that John Britto earned a Certificate of Completion for completing the topic, Fundamentals of RapL Product Management. The certificate was issued on Aug 26, 2022 with a certificate number: RC AD93-3804-07512.

certificate image

Sample Certificate

Another option is to follow the pre-built RapL template.

3. Singularity: In this phase of the launch, customers can deploy a standard template for Quizzes and Learning Paths. Eventually, they can customize the certificate template for different topic modules.

4. Revoking and Reissue of Certificates: Customers can revoke and reissue certificates based on their process requirements.

5. Role based Access Control: Customers can restrict who has permissions to create, update, and view certificate templates and generated certificates. See more about Role based Access Control below. 

Role Based Access Control

Like other RapL features, Certificates have inherent role-based access control to their workflows and deployment. The following schema represents current capabilities at the role layer.
Actions Org Admin Group Admin Author Org Monitor Group Monitor Learner
View My Certificates
View reporting people’s certificates
Assign Certificate Template to Quiz/ Learning Path 

RapL Certificates: Credential Insurance For Process Excellence

Every business process has established best practices, and RapL Certificates are your insurance policies to ensure they are followed. By deploying certificates, you can quickly analyze the learning completion and mastery of your employees. Obtaining a certificate signals a good mastery of the specific area of learning. This can allow them to confidently work on any applicable processes.

We look forward to welcoming all RapL customers to Certificates. To start using RapL Certificates, learn how to set up easily and quickly here -> FAQ Certificates 

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