The purpose is to provide you with a good understanding of the risks, issues, threats and opportunities that continue to confront us from the pandemic, the new ways of remote working, the rise in interest rates and impacts on our economy, and the reasons underpinning the increasing desire of the workforce to work in different organisations. We will be addressing the areas of digital transformation, remote working, AI and machine learning, mental health and diversity that are impacting us, and considering the key questions that individuals and organisations are looking to answer to cope with and prepare themselves for to deal with this new environment. Are we applying the right type of thinking and solutions to address these impacts, and if not what is the right way to be thinking about addressing these impacts in the future?


60 mins


Michael Kirch

Digital Consulting Expert & Board Member @ACMP East Coast Australia

Paul Beaumont

Global Workplace Advisory Lead @Avanade

Chris Gildersleeve

Principal Coach and Purposeful Change Partner @Set to Change

Allison Hornery

Director @Cofluence

Nicole Lock

Change Strategist & Program Manager @Independent Consulting

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